Can I swim in Pamukkale travertines?

Pamukkale travertines are on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Therefore, it is a natural protected area. It is also one of the protected places due to its very sensitive structure. Therefore, when you make a Pamukkale travertine trip, you should pay attention to this region. It is not possible to swim in every pool of Pamukkale travertines, and it is not even possible to walk with shoes in the travertines.

There are certain pools that visitors can enter, and swimming in pools other than these pools is strictly prohibited. In addition, entrance to some parts of the travertines is prohibited. Where there are travertines, there are 17 hot water springs with water temperatures varying between 33 and 100 degrees. It is possible to swim in non-prohibited areas of these thermal waters with turquoise colored minerals. It is also free to swim in the Ancient Pool (Cleopatra Pool).